The Ureco

The Ureco helps to prevent costly urinal blockages and assists with prevention of foul odours whilst also saving huge amounts of money and water.



As urine passes through and round the  ‘bio-cap’ a small amount of bio is eroded into the solution. This activates the enzyme which breaks down the uric salts and limescale.

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Water Manager

HSG UK own and manufacture the Uretech product. The product has been developed to provide the ultimate control methods for washroom water consumption.

waste manager


The Uretech has numerous innovative features that are exclusive to the unit. These features provide huge benefits to end users and service companies, saving time and money, reducing risk and providing detailed analysis of onsite water usage.

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Green Button

The Ureflush is a retrofit variable flush mechanism developed to save water and reduce water bills.


Green button


Converting a toilet from a single flush to a variable flush with the Ureflush water saver puts the user in control of the water they use.

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