The Ureco

HSG UK own and manufacture the Ureco product. The product helps to prevent costly urinal blockages and assists with prevention of foul odours whilst also saving huge amounts of money and water.

As urine passes through and round the ‘bio-cap’ a small amount of bio is eroded into the solution. This activates the enzyme which breaks down the uric salts and limescale.

This results in a completely harmless and eco-friendly bacterium which eliminates the need for strong chemicals and cleaning agents. The Ureco also emits a powerful minty type fragrance which reduces the need for harmful aerosols and air fresheners.

With a Ureco urinal solution from HSG UK you will:

  • Save water and money
  • Prevent blockages
  • Prevent foul odours
  • Protect the environment
  • Improve urinal appearance
  • Improve washroom experience for staff and customers

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