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How you can help to save water after a 20% usage increase in the UK

Date posted: 7.07.2020

Blog Saving Water At Home

Saving water at home

In May 2020, water usage was at an all time high. The Covid-19 lockdown, paired with the driest May since records began led to an increase in water usage of over 40% in some areas of the country. There was a total surge of around 68.2 billion litres needed in the whole month, equating to over 850 million bathtubs!

Waterwise and Water UK have teamed up to encourage the idea of water saving practices in day to day life – which can be seen here.

Saving water in the workplace

Whilst this article explains the excellent way in which everyone can reduce their household water output, at HSG we believe that when the UK returns to work after lockdown reducing water costs in the workplace is just as important.

That’s why we believe HSG’s hallmark product could be a key addition to businesses up and down the country. With the Ureco Urinal Sleeve System being able to cut up to 96% of water usage from your sites urinals, not only are you doing your part in cutting down water usage, but also managing to save yourself a lot of money in the process. The science behind how the works Ureco can be shown below:

Our Ureco system goes hand in hand with our Uretech water manager – a product which has been designed to give sites ultimate control over their washroom water consumption. The device has numerous innovative features that are able to provide huge benefits to users, whatever the size of the site. This gives businesses up and down the country the ability to create a better washroom environment for their staff and customers, whilst simultaneously reducing their water costs!

Another product which can be used to cut down water use in the washroom is our Ureflush WC Cistern Saver. By pressing the small green button whilst flushing the toilet as usual, the amount of water used will be decreased from 11 litres to just 1.

For more information on how you can transform your business’ washrooms and water consumption, contact us today on 0800 032 7760 or email us on

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