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Partners in Water Conservation – Citron Hygiene

Date posted: 24.03.2020

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Climate change and increased demand are two of the factors putting increasing pressure on our water supplies. It’s predicted that by 2050, 5 billion people globally are likely to experience significant water shortages. For this reason, it’s important that businesses and individuals take collective action now to make water savings wherever possible.

As a washroom hygiene solutions provider, Citron Hygiene is dedicated to helping our customers reduce their environmental impact. One of our key aims is to help businesses save water through the provision of modern water saving solutions. We understand that businesses can save substantial amounts of water in their washroom with the right solutions. Through our partnership with HSG, Citron Hygiene are able to offer businesses leading solutions for their washrooms and business as a whole.

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Citron Hygiene selected HSG as their supplier for water management products due to their innovative ways they approach water saving and their range of products; each carrying unique benefits. Products include a clever urinal water saving cartridge, a Smart Water Meter and an Automatic Flush.

Urinals are one of the most common areas where businesses can waste water. The urinal water saving cartridge together with the intelligent water management system, promises to help businesses save water and money in addition to combatting nasty smells plus ensuring drains remain clear of expensive blockages.

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To get a full understanding of how much water a business may be using and water is being wasted, The Smart Water Meter is the answer. It’s a great solution that companies can refer to when they want to find out how much water they are using and where. For example; there could be leaks that one might not be aware of. With the Smart Water Meter businesses can be made aware of when there is a problem so they can be proactive in making savings and fixing problems.

 Finally, the eco-friendly ActiFlush button transforms traditional cisterns into variable flush systems. The Actiflush only uses the necessary amount of water and up to 10 litres of water can be saved every time the button is used.

Citron Hygiene are proud to partner with HSG to help businesses reduce water usage and be kinder to the environment.

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