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Flush Counter

Flush Counter


+ Product Description

To enable a firm understanding of water consumption, it is essential to fit a device into a cistern and leave it for a number of days to provide a count. This great little gadget can do exactly that. So if you are trying to establish a business case for a customer and tell them how much your products will save them, or merely want to ascertain how much water your office is using this flush counter will help. It is simply attached to the side of the cistern and the float ‘bobs’ around in the water till a flush occurs, at which point it will register on the device.

Once you know your water consumption over a period of days or weeks, you can then multiply it by the cost of your water to obtain a firm understanding of what your urinals and WC’s are costing to operate. Once used, the counter Is simply reset and the flush counter can then be used in another application.

+ Key Features

Allows the user to find out how much water their urinals and WC's are using

+ Product Size

115mm x100mm x 68mm

+ Shipping

Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery. Orders before 1pm dispatched the same day. Shipping prices calculated at checkout.

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