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Uretech Hand Held Controller 2020

Uretech Hand Held Controller


+ Product Description

The Uretech hand held controller is used to programme the Uretech water manager. Plugging the hand held controller into the Uretech water manager (or into the bottom of the remote flush allows the user to access many features. The real time clock allows for ultimate programmability. If the customer only requires flushes at certain times of the day e.g. 9 till 3 in a school, the water manager can be programme to do this; if a customer does not require flushes at weekends, again this can be organised very simply.

Programme Uretech to flush when the customer requires flushes

Ease of service. No requirement for ladders or working at height

Download information such as:

  • Battery condition
  • Current flush programme
  • Flushes since installation
  • Cistern fill time

Alter flush programmes

Store details of up to 100 sites on 1 controller

+ Shipping

Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery. Orders before 1pm dispatched the same day. Shipping prices calculated at checkout.

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