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Hsg Toilet Seat Sanitiser

Toilet Seat Sanitiser

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+ Product Description

The toilet seat sanitiser supplied by HSG dispenses virucidal/bactericidal foam that kills 99.99% of bacteria found on toilet seats and conforms to European bacterial and fungicidal standards. Convenient and easy to use, toilet seat sanitiser the foam dispenses smoothly and is flash-drying.

For those with more specific requirements, there is option to take the customisation one step further, using coloured inserts and designs to create a bespoke dispenser design.

+ Key Features

  • Non-drip patented pump mechanism
  • Foam meets European standards EN1275 and EN1040
  • Flash drying enables immediate toilet use
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria found on toilet seats
  • Customise dispensers with various inserts and designs

+ Installation Process

HSG pride ourselves on the performance of our products so all of our toilet sanitisation dispensers are installed by expert HSG technicians. This way HSG is on hand to ensure the products are operating at an optimal level from day one and will continue to do so for the length of your contract.

+ Service Schedule

We’re confident that our Hand Sanitisers will perform at an optimal level at all times, however we still visit all of our Washroom Service clients every 4 weeks just to make sure. Don’t worry, if you need us before your pre-arranged service date, you can contact HSG Client Support anytime via our Contact page and we’ll be there to help.

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