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Hsg Clinical Waste Disposal Bin

Clinical Waste

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+ Product Description

HSG provide clinical waste units for the safe disposal of soft clinical waste, including surgical dressings, gloves, clothing, swabs and gowns among others.

Each unit has integrated foot pedal that ensures a hygienic ‘hands-free’ facility when disposing of potentially harmful clinical waste. Orange bags are used within our units indicating that the waste is suitable for alternative treatment—unless the waste is classed as hazardous, which will result in incineration.

For safe and secure storage of clinical waste bags prior to collection, HSG offer external waste trolleys in varying sizes (240 litre, 660 litre, 1100 litre).

+ Key Features

  • Receive a fully compliant waste unit with foot pedal
  • Receive appropriate consignment notes
  • Large External trolley available for sites with large waste disposal requirements
  • Serviced by Expert HSG service operatives

+ Installation Process

HSG pride ourselves on our product performance, and so our clinical waste disposal Units are installed by expert HSG technicians. This way HSG is on hand to ensure they are performing at an optimal level from day one and will continue to do so for the length of your contract.

+ Service Schedule

To ensure that your clinical waste disposal bins are maintained according to legislation, our expert HSG operatives will service them at regular intervals. Don’t worry, if you need us for any reason before your pre-arranged service date, you can contact HSG Client Support anytime via our Contact page and we’ll be there to help.

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