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Hsg Award Winning Ureco


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+ Product Description

The Ureco is an eco-friendly innovation that helps prevent costly urinal blockages and foul odours. The Ureco also substantially reduces the amount of water used to run the facilities. As urine passes through and around the Ureco ‘bio-cap’ a small amount of bio is eroded into the solution. This activates the enzyme which breaks down the uric salts and limescale. This results in the formation of a completely harmless and eco-friendly bacterium which eliminates the need for strong chemicals and cleaning agents. The Ureco also emits an effective odour-cancelling fragrance which reduces the need for harmful aerosols and air fresheners.

+ Key Features

  • Saves establishment water and money
  • Helps prevent urinal blockages
  • Substantially reduces foul odours
  • Helps to protect the environment
  • Improves the overall washroom experience

+ Installation Process

HSG pride ourselves on quality and performance, so all the installations of Ureco are completed by expert HSG hygiene technicians and qualified plumbers. This way HSG can ensure the Ureco is functioning at an optimal level, and will continue to do so, benefitting your staff, customers and all other stakeholders in your business. To find out more about the Ureco, click here.

+ Service Schedule

We’re confident that our Ureco will continue to perform at an optimal level at all times, however we still visit all of our Washroom Service clients every 4 weeks just to make sure. Don’t worry, if you need us for any reason before your pre-arranged service date, you can contact HSG Client Support anytime via our Contact page and we’ll be there to help.

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