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Hsg Female Vending Machine

Female Vending Machine

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+ Product Description

Part of providing top level customer service is meeting your customers’ needs and installing an HSG female Vending Machine in your washroom can help do exactly that, whilst also helping to increase your revenue. Our secure & robust female vending machines stock offers two different types of feminine hygiene products—Elise sanitary towels & Femtex tampons. Each pack is priced at £1 and the machine only accepts £1 coins.

You can order more refills anytime through the HSG Shop.

+ Key Features

  • Vending machine can hold 2 varieties of condoms (packs of 3).
  • Made with a powder coated steel construction
  • Vending: Elise Towels, Femtex tampons
  • Easy to refill with hinged front cover
  • Coin reject function
  • Solid, coated steel construction
  • Secured with twin locks for extra security

+ Installation Process

HSG pride ourselves on our product performance, and so our Female Vending Machines are installed by expert HSG technicians. This way HSG is on hand to ensure they are performing at an optimal level from day one and will continue to do so for the length of your contract.

+ Service Schedule

We’re confident that our Female Vending Units will continue to perform at an optimal level, however we still visit all of our Washroom Service clients every 4 weeks just to make sure. Don’t worry, if you need us for any reason before your pre-arranged service date, you can contact HSG Client Support anytime via our Contact page and we’ll be there to help.

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